Virginia Combined State Plan (PY 2024-2027)

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) requires states to submit a Unified or Combined State Plan that sets forth a vision for the workforce development system. Every four years, Virginia submits a Combined State Plan, which includes the six WIOA core programs and other workforce development programs. This Plan promotes a shared understanding of Virginia's workforce needs and fosters development of more comprehensive and integrated approaches, such as career pathways and sector strategies, for addressing the needs of businesses and workers.

Draft Virginia Combined State Plan 2024 document for Board Approval

Perkins V (FY2024)

We encourage comment on the addition of FY2025 SDPL’s proposed here and welcome such input from all career and technical education stakeholders, in accordance with 20 U.S. Code 2342 (c)(1)(A).

The public comment period opens February 26th and closes March 10th. Comments regarding how the FY2025 SDPL’s (1) meet the requirements of the law; 2) support the improvement of performance of all CTE concentrators, including subgroups of students, as described in section 6311(h)(1)(C)(ii), and special populations, as described in section 2302(48); and (3) support the needs of the local education and business community, are requested and encouraged.

  1. Public Comment Notice
  2. Perkins V SDPL Table

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